Twin-Track speed skating

- a new type of ice skating, something like 'freestyle skating' or 'acrobatic short-track'. My "Twin-Track-Team" are, probably, the first freestylers amongst skaters. Nobody on skating so, as we.We can really surprise the fans and experts of  ice skating world! :-)

The technique has been under development for eight years and there is no equivalent style in the world.  Presentation our Ice Shows was a success and has attracted huge interest from both spectators and specialists.

My daydream there is show not revealed else possibility of "long blade" for the figureskaters, speedskaters and shorttrekkers!


 My offers:

  For producers and owners ice arenas - exclusive ice shows and separate art numbers

in style speed&figure skating.

For coaches and owners of sporting clubs - lead through of competitions on Twin-Track of any level.

For sportsmen and amateurs - teaching and advising to the technique and tactic of speed and art Twin-Track.

                                                  Dr. Denis Pidkopay

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